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Admission Requirements 

(Academic Year 2007)

+  Applicants must have completed a secondary school (or equivalent) course from an accredited school.

+     Applicants who have not yet fulfilled all the requirements for a secondary school diploma are required to do so prior to entering the Program.

+   Applicants graduating from high school abroad must have their high school diploma accredited by the Ministry of Education.


Applicants should be proficient in English and have strong foundation in mathematics. Beside they should be in good physical and mental health and have no record of serious misconduct.

How to Enter the B.E. Program?

Successful applicants must pass both written examinations and the interview.

 ·         The written examinations may be fulfilled by one of the following options:

        1.   Competitive B.E. written examination in ‘Math & Stat’ and ‘English’

        2.   One (or more) of the following scores:

   -       SAT I/ SAT Reasoning Test (Critical Reading and Math ³ 1100 and Math ³ 600)

   -        ACT (Math ³ 24 and Eng ³ 24)

        3.   One (or more) of the following scores:

   -        SAT I/ SAT Reasoning Test (Math ³ 600)

   -        ACT (Math ³ 24)

and one (or more) of the following scores:

   -        TU- GET ³ 550

   -        TOEFL ³ 550 ( CBT ³ 213 / IBT ³ 79)  

   -        IELTS ³ 6.0

   -        ACT (Eng ³ 24)

 * The official score report of SAT I/ SAT Reasoning Test /TOEFL/IELTS/TU- GET / ACT is valid only if the test was taken no more than 2 years prior to the last date of the B.E. application filing period.

* Applicants from overseas are also required to submit 2 letters of recommendation.


 ·         The interview is conducted in English.



You may apply in person at the B.E. Office, 3rd Floor, Faculty of Economics, Thammasat University, Ta Prachan Campus. Your application is subject to 400 Baht for the application form and 600 Baht for the application fee.

An application made via mail is also accepted. Please send the application form together with all supporting documents to be arrived at the B.E. Office by the last date of application period
   • Please enclose a Draft of 1050 Baht* (for applicants in Thailand).
   • Please enclose a Money Order of US $40* (for applicants residing overseas).

* Charges for an application form, the application fee, and postage are included.
A draft or a money order shall be made payable to the "B.E. International Program".
The application form is available at

Applying from overseas

Thai and non-Thai applicants residing overseas who meet minimum scores as mentioned above, will be eligible to take the interview.

Important !

An individual may only be considered for admission only once in a given year. Thai and non-Thai applicants residing overseas may choose to take the written entrance exam in January at the same time as Thai applicants, staying in Thailand. However, should students fail the written entrance examination, they will not be allowed to reapply later in July of the same year.

Admission Requirements for Non-Degree Students

More Info about SAT, TOEFL, IELTS

At the discretion of the Admissions Committee, interviews or further examination procedures deemed appropriate may be required. The final decision on admission shall rest with the Admissions Committee.

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