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List of Successful Applicants Admitted to the B.E. Program, Academic Year 2007

Acceptance and Enrollment

1.A qualified applicant receiving an offer for a place at B.E. International Program shall declare an acceptance and shall be enrolled as a registered student between February 26-27, 2007, 9.00 – 15.00, at the office of B.E. International Program, 3rd floor, Faculty of Economics, Thammasat University by:

-   presenting the examination identification card and the personal identification card (or passport for applicants without Thai nationality) as well as a certified copy.

-   make a payment for enrollment and registration fees as follows:

1.   the sum of 31,825 Baht for applicant with Thai nationality.

2.   the sum of 36,375 Baht for applicant without Thai nationality.


          The payment shall be made in a form of cashier’s cheque made payable to “B.E. International Program” (only cashier’s cheque is accepted. Cash, personal cheque, or money order are not acceptable.)


          B.E. International Program reserves all rights not to refund enrollment and registration fees paid to the Program. B.E. International Program deems that any qualified  student who does not declare an acceptance and is not enrolled during the period above does not wish to take the acceptance and relinquish his/her right to be a student of the Program.


2. A qualified applicant enrolled and registered as a student of B.E. International Program and later wish not to attend the B.E. International Program shall proceed with the official resignation from being a student of B.E. International Program by April 20, 2007 . After April 20, 2007 , Thammasat University will submit the name of all registered students with B.E. International Program to the Office of the Commission of Higher Education in order to remove them from being eligible for the Central Admission System.


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